Adaptive Immunity: T cells and B cells
EAS Academy, Ziad Mallat, 234784
Innate immunity: Inflammasome
EAS Academy, Eicke Latz, 234783
Regulation of lipid metabolism by inflammation
EAS Academy, Laurent Yvan-Charvet, 234782
LDL retention
EAS Academy, Jan Borén, 234781
2016 ESC/EAS guidelines for the management of dyslipidaemias-risk prediction and treatments targets
EAS Academy, Olov Wiklund, 233810
New and old lipid-lowering drugs
EAS Academy, Lale Tokgozoglu, 233809
What have Mendelian Randomization studies revealed for cardiovascular disease beyond lipids?
EAS Academy, Marianne Benn, 233808
Causality of lipid traits for other diseases
EAS Academy, Ruth Frikke-Schmidt, 233807
The case of lipoprotein(a) and cardiovascular disease
EAS Academy, PIA R. KAMSTRUP, 233806
Using genetics to predict drug effects and adverse events
EAS Academy, Anne Tybjaerg-Hansen, 233805
The case for triglyceride-rich lipoproteins and cardiovascular disease
EAS Academy, Borge Nordestgaard, 233804
Concepts of Mendelian randomization
EAS Academy, Shah Ebrahim, 233803
Genetic disorders of lipid metabolism - with special focus on familial hypercholesterolaemia
EAS Academy, Kees Hovingh, 233802
Biology of lipid metabolism
EAS Academy, Patrick Rensen, 233801
Global burden of cardiovascular disease and contribution of risk factors
EAS Academy, Gregory Roth, 233800
EAS Clinical Lipidology Essentials
EAS Academy, EAS, 226229
Module 1: Epidemiology. Development of cardiovascular disease in different populations
EAS Academy, Annika Rosengren, 226230
Module 2: Mendelian randomization approach to understand effect of lipoprotein in causing disease
EAS Academy, Anne Tybjaerg-Hansen, 226231
Module 3: Basics in Lipoprotein Metabolism
EAS Academy, Jan Borén, 226232
Module 4: Atherosclerosis: update on the pathophysiology: role of LDL
EAS Academy, Petri Kovanen, 226233
Strategies to treat vulnerable plaques
EAS Academy, David Erlinge, 217777
Novel therapeutic approaches using antisense inhibition (TBD)
EAS Academy, J L Witztum, 217776
Lessons from genetics: risk-score and novel candidates
EAS Academy, Brian Ference, 217775
Atherothrombosis; from pathogenesis to treatment
EAS Academy, Steffen Massberg, 217774
EAS Academy, Vinay Sachdev, 217771
EAS Academy, Liam Brunham, 217769
Lipid Signaling pathways in physiology and disease
EAS Academy, Peter Tontonoz, 217768
The role of bile acids in cholesterol homeostasis
EAS Academy, Albert K. Groen, 217767
Panel Discussion
EAS Academy, Session Speakers, 218366
The ideal patient for PCSK9
EAS Academy, J. Wouter Jukema, 217755
Combination therapy: When and how
EAS Academy, Michel Farnier, 217764
How to control atherogenic dyslipidaemia
EAS Academy, Henry Ginsberg, 217763
Panel Discussion
EAS Academy, Session Speakers, 218372
PCSK9 Inhibition in high risk patients
EAS Academy, Gabriel Steg, 217754
Lipids, inflammation and CV risk
EAS Academy, Erik Stroes, 217753
New targets for controlling dyslipidaemias and atherosclerosis: chair
EAS Academy, Paolo Parini, 217757
Silencing genes, new targets
EAS Academy, Sotirios Tsimikas, 217758
EAS Academy, Brian Ference, 217762
Dysregulation of hepatic and lipoprotein metabolism in the atherogenic dyslipidemia
EAS Academy, Marja-Riitta Taskinen, 217750
Reality check: Can we get to goals in guidelines?
EAS Academy, Ulrich Laufs, 217747
Will inhibiting thrombus formation prevent acute coronary syndromes?
EAS Academy, Stephan Gielen, 217746
Will aggressive LDL reduction prevent atherosclerosis?
EAS Academy, Alberico Luigi Catapano, 217744
RNA editing controls atherosclerosis
EAS Academy, Stefanie Dimmeler, 217741
Shifting concepts in the description of the “vulnerable plaque”
EAS Academy, Gerard Pasterkamp, 217740
Defective Inflammation Resolution in Atherosclerosis: Mechanisms and Therapeutic Opportunities
EAS Academy, Ira Tabas, 217739
Neoatherosclerosis from a pathologist's point of view
EAS Academy, Renu Virmani, 217738
Recent evidence for the prevention of atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases
EAS Academy, Petri Kovanen, 221468
EAS Academy, Antonio Camargo, 217735
EAS Academy, Mariko Harada-Shiba, 217734
Are we ready to test the Lp(a) Hypothesis?
EAS Academy, Sotirios Tsimikas, 217732
Nanomedicine as novel atherosclerosis therapy
EAS Academy, Willem J.M. Mulder, 217731
Incremental value of established therapies for dyslipidaemic patients
EAS Academy, Luis Masana, 217811
Reducing cholesterol by dietary means
EAS Academy, Eric Bruckert, 217724
EAS Academy, Gabriele Riccardi, 217723
Food4me: the experience
EAS Academy, Michael Gibney, 217722
LDL and apoB-lipoprotein as causative agents in ASCVD
EAS Academy, Chris Packard, 217726
PCSK9 inhibition the clinical evidence
EAS Academy, Peter Sever, 217727
A contemporary approach to dyslipidaemias, PCSK9 inhibition
EAS Academy, Ulf Landmesser, 217728
EAS Academy, Petri Kovanen, 217718
Anti-Inflammatory Therapy for Atherosclerosis - Theory and Practice
EAS Academy, Peter Libby, 217719
Genes can hurt you to develop CVD beyond classical risk factors
EAS Academy, Stefano Romeo, 217716
Mining the blood for new cardiometabolic markers
EAS Academy, Robert Gerszten, 217714
High-resolution lipoprotein phenotypes and cardiovascular outcomes
EAS Academy, Samia Mora, 217713
Is there need to revise goals from lipid lowering?
EAS Academy, Ulf Landmesser, 217710
Stress, behavior and cardiovascular disease
EAS Academy, Viola Vaccarino, 217709
Lessons from epidemiology and environmental CVD risk factors
EAS Academy, Salim Yusuf, 217708
Imaging and CVD risk estimation (population studies)
EAS Academy, Valentin Fuster, 217707
Lipoprotein Metabolism
EAS Academy, Arnold von Eckardstein, 221467
The Anitschkow Lecture - Genetics of cardiovascular disease: from ugly duckling to beautiful swan
EAS Academy, Anne Tybjaerg-Hansen, 217704
Science versus reality in long term management: Time for a paradigm shift?
EAS Academy, Lale Tokgozoglu, 217702
Optimising therapy through cardiac rehabilitation
EAS Academy, Anselm Gitt, 217701
Patient journey after acute coronary syndromes: can we improve outcomes?: Chair
EAS Academy, Peter Toth, 217699
Hospital management after acute coronary syndromes: Is the risk over ?
EAS Academy, Jose L. Zamorano, 217700
Molecular and biochemical mechanisms involved in the protective effect of Mediterranean diet against atherosclerosis
EAS Academy, Alvaro Hernaez, 217696
Effects of the different dietary fatty acids on health: focus on PUFA n-6. New evidences and controversies
EAS Academy, Andrea Poli, 217695
Why does the diet rich in unsaturated fat protect against cardiovascular disease? Differences between nuts and extra virgin olive oil
EAS Academy, Emilio Ros, 217694
Diet and CVD the epidemiological view
EAS Academy, Salim Yusuf, 217693
The multifaceted aspects of CV prevention: from nutrition to therapy: Chair
EAS Academy, Prof. Alberico L. Catapano, Dr. Alberto Mello e Silva & Dr. Xavier Pinto, 218363
Systemsbiology and cardiovascular disease
EAS Academy, Jörg Menche, 202892
Gut microbiome and atherothrombosis
EAS Academy, Christoph Reinhardt, 202891
EAS Academy, Steffen Massberg, 202888
Monocytes and atherothrombosis
EAS Academy, Johann Wojta, 202889
Clotting factors and atherothrombosis
EAS Academy, Hugo ten Cate, 202886
Humoral immunity and thrombosis
EAS Academy, Christoph J Binder, 202890
Antiphospholipid antibodies and thrombosis
EAS Academy, Karl Lackner, 202885
Venous vs. arterial thrombosis
EAS Academy, Cihan Ay, 202881
Tissue Factor
EAS Academy, Nigel Mackman, 202883
Platelets and the vascular wall
EAS Academy, R Koenen, 202882
Mechanisms of plaque rupture and erosion
EAS Academy, Gerard Pasterkamp, 202879
Clinical aspects of atherothrombosis
EAS Academy, Irene Lang, 202878
Plasma lipoproteins and atherogenesis: The central role of apo B containing lipoproteins
EAS Academy, Jan Borén, 205838
HDL, non-HDL cholesterol and TG, a role in atherosclerosis?
EAS Academy, Jan Borén, 205839
Lipid lowering strategies - highlights from recent publications
EAS Academy, Alberico Luigi Catapano, 205840
Lipid guidelines; where do we stand?
EAS Academy, Alberico Luigi Catapano, 205841
CVD: Epidemiology of the risk factors - the central role of LDL cholesterol
EAS Academy, Lale Tokgozoglu, 205842
PCSK9: From promise to clinical practice and an analysis of recent trials
EAS Academy, Alberico Luigi Catapano, 205843
Will precision medicine help tailor dyslipidemia treatment?
EAS Academy, Alberto Zambon, 200946
Can we refine strategy on HDL by new pharmacological approaches?
EAS Academy, John Chapman, 200945
Identification of novel targets in Hypertension and priorities for drug development
EAS Academy, David Rosenbaum, 200944
Nutrigenomics for prevention and treatment of obesity
EAS Academy, Judith Aron-Wisnewsky, 200942

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