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Program Overview
Learning Objectives
Target Audience

Since atherosclerotic vascular disease is very prevalent, clinicians very frequently face problems about how to deal with different aspects of it. This programme covers essential knowledge for healthcare professionals in the field.

The programme's 4 modules each comprise 

  • 1 presentation,  ca. 20-30 minutes duration 
  • 6 post-presentation questions

Release date: August 01, 2018
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The learning objective is to obtain knowledge and understanding of the role of lipids in health and disease on several different levels. These different levels include:

  • basic understanding of lipids chemistry and lipoprotein metabolism,
  • the role of lipids as risk factors,
  • the mechanisms of lipids in cardiovascular disease,
  • understanding of lipid disorders and the role of genetics and environmental factors,
  • pharmacological interventions against lipid disorders,
  • the clinical development of lipids,
  • lipid-lowering treatment in cardiovascular prevention and the development of new therapeutic targets.

Understanding the role of lipids in health and disease is important for a broad spectrum of different professionals working in health care and in society at large. The primary target groups are physicians in internal medicine, cardiology, diabetology, endocrinology and in general practice. Outside this group, this educational programme is highly relevant to nurses working in lipid clinics, in cardiovascular prevention, in diabetes and in many other clinics training care of patients with cardiovascular or metabolic diseases. Others who will find the educational content of this programme highly relevant include scientists working in cardiovascular epidemiology and in basic cardiovascular research, and persons employed in the pharma industry.

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Petri Kovanen:
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Module 1: Epidemiology. Development of cardiovascular disease in different populations
Module 2: Mendelian randomization approach to understand effect of lipoprotein in causing disease
Module 3: Basics in Lipoprotein Metabolism
Module 4: Atherosclerosis: update on the pathophysiology: role of LDL
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